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Orange Fleece


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5' Hand-tied headwrap. Adult Headwraps are sewed.

1. ON Nylon - black, white, or nude. If not indicated, I will automatically put bow on a nude nylon.
2. Plain Headwraps can be for baby & mommy. Simply, write in the notes 1 adult, 1 baby (head measurement or age)
3. Bow Headwrap size, I highly recommend actual measurement of your child's head as everyone child is different. Below is my standard measurement.

Bow Headwrap- 0-3mos 13'
Bow Headwrap- 3-6mos 15'
Bow Headwrap- 6-12mos 17'
Bow Headwrap- 1-3yrs 19'
Bow Headwrap- 3-12yrs 20'
Adult Headwrap- 20'

Pictures have been brighten to showcase products. Color might be slightly off when received.

  • Orange Fleece Headwrap
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  • Orange Fleece Bow On Nylon
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  • Orange Fleece - Knotty
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  • Orange Fleece Piggies
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  • Orange Fleece - Adult Headwrap
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